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Arcadian Earrings

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Purchase with Purpose! Cedar & Cypress Designs uses natural elements from Haiti such a horn & born, ethically sourced from cows & goats, each artisan hand cuts each piece making every item unique. When you purchase these earrings you are supporting women in Haiti and helping them get out of poverty. Our Arcadian earrings are unique one of kind pieces that all your friends will be asking about. Stand out for the greater good and share the story behind this line with others. These are our most popular Arcadian earrings, named after the cotes de arcadins, an island chain off the coast of haiti. 

  • Arcadian Earrings
  • Lightweight and Trendy
  • Made from horn (Please note horn earrings are all different, the coloring is unique in each earring)
  • Handmade and Sourced in Haiti
  • Horseshoe Shaped 

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